Sharjah Ruler reviews Al Suhub Rest House project in Khor Fakkan

HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, reviewed work on the Al Suhub Rest House project and the Abu Al Kizan shoreline village, during his recent visit to Khor Fakkan.

As part of his visit, the Ruler of Sharjah listened to briefings on the project by Salah bin Butti Al Muhairi, adviser to the Sharjah Department of Town Planning and Survey (SDTPS).

Dr. Sheikh Sultan reviewed the plans of the Al Suhub Rest House project, located 580m above sea level, as well as the services included in the project.

The rest house project has been built in a distinctive circular shape with a diameter of 30m. The rest house will provide a panoramic view of the city of Khor Fakkan; and will include water fountains, beaches, restaurant cafeteria, 90 car parking spaces, and other service amenities.

During the visit, Al Muhairi gave further insights on the amenities of the project and the progress of the construction and methods that will be used to preserve the environment and provide the best experience to the visitors.

The project will include a 5.63-kilometre-long road, up to the rest house, which is being constructed with all safety standards and slope calculations in place. Additionally, the project will feature two rest houses at heights of 253m and 480m, respectively.

The Ruler of Sharjah directed the officials to develop the sides of the road with agricultural landscaping in addition to considering providing more service amenities for tourists.

Another project that he visited was the Abu Al Kizan shoreline village, located in the southeast of Khor Fakkan City, in the mountainous area that spreads into the sea.

The designs of the project’s buildings and amenities will be inspired by the Italian village of Riomaggiore.

The plans and drawings of the project has been divided into two parts. The first part is located on the shoreline and is about 60,000m2 in area. It includes restaurants, shops, hotel rooms, and private residences, in addition to a marina, a yacht club, and swimming pools.

Meanwhile, the village design takes a spiral shape to accommodate the mountain that is built upon, where the valley acts as a central road with buildings on both sides.

The other part of the project is located higher on the mountain and is about 30,000m2 in area. It will include high-end restaurants, shops, and hotels, with an elevated view of the sea.

During his visit, the Ruler of Sharjah also inspected several developmental and infrastructural projects in Khor Fakkan.

Source: Construction week online