Al Khan

About Al Khan

Al Khan is one of the prime waterfront communities in Sharjah. There is the Al Khan Bay or Al Khan Lagoon which is a key part of the neighborhood. Accordingly, some properties in Al Khan offer a waterfront lifestyle – especially those buildings that are facing the creek. Within the emirate of Sharjah, the community of Al Khan is considered one of the most popular places to rent and buy apartments. The Al Khan community is known for its proximity to the emirate of Dubai. The area offers luxurious apartment overlooking the Al Khan Lagoon. Thus, rents are slightly higher as compared to some other areas in Sharjah. Also, there are some freehold properties that are also available for investors to purchase in Al Khan. - One of the most well-established communities in Sharjah - Considered a prime-location for waterfront living - Several mid to high-rise apartment buildings to choose from - A community that is at the boundary between Sharjah and Dubai