Sharjah Sustainable City

About Sharjah Sustainable City

'The Northern Emirates first fully sustainable development is coming to the regions capital of culture, Sharjah. A cutting edge, zero-waste community adamant on providing world class living for all through its services and amenities provided.' The Sustainable City has been built to conserve energy in order to sustain the environment. Featuring 500 villas, The Sustainable City provides a clean yet high quality of life for its residents. The holistic society features nature-inspired architecture, providing its citizens with a pure and fresh residential environment. Deemed as the best green project in the GCC by Emirates Project Magazine, the community includes solar panels, energy-efficient appliances and car-free zones in both residential and commercial units. Till date, the community has saved 6,741 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, attesting to its sustainability plan. In terms of keeping the ambience of the community free of pollution, the residents of The Sustainable City are highly encouraged to utilize public transport, horse buggies and drive electrically-charged cars. For the electric cars, there are about 250 charging stations installed in The Sustainable City. The electric buses which run in the community for transport of the residents steer clear of pollution, adding ease to their lifestyle. Since the buses are electrically charged, they are free of cost for the commuters.