Ajmal Makan

About Ajmal Makan

Ajmal Makan is a UAE based leading master Real Estate developer of cities and mixed-use master-planned communities with impeccable
property development credentials. Ajmal Makan is led by a team of passionate professionals who are ready to challenge conventions and achieve results. With our wide experience
in property management and maintenance we are reaching new heights of success.

In Ajmal Makan we promise to create a residential and tourist destination by international standards. We spare no effort to build unique cities
that offers an effective contribution in improving people’s life. Our vision is to inspire people as we were inspired by others, to achieve great community innovations, to improve the lifestyles socially, economically and environmentally.

Ajmal Makan, an incredible collection of eight beautifully designed islands visible from the outer space, is one of the most vibrant mixed-use developments in Sharjah in the making that will reshape the landscape of the area and create a new city on the coast of the Arabian Gulf