Sharjah Asset Management

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About Sharjah Asset Management

Sharjah Asset Management Holding (SAMH) was established in 2008 as an investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, within the Sharjah Finance Department. In 2012, the department expanded to include investment, asset management and property activities.

With an increasingly strong presence in the Middle East region, SAMH’s mandate is to ensure its investors are protected against uncertainty and instability. Apart from equity, SAMH also invests in forms of debt such as “mezzanine financing” or project and transaction financing.

SAMH’s corporate presence, its network of government and commercial partners and existing portfolio of globally based investments, present synergies for market development for all of our investee companies. This is often reflected in terms of market expansion, logistics and business development.

As an active asset manager, acting solely in the interests of our investors, SAMH’s global business model allows us to offer services in international markets and asset classes across the investment spectrum.