Investors in Tilal City will have end-to-end control on build and completion

Investors in Sharjah’s Tilal City development can take full control of their build and design, including selection of contractor and the launch and completion dates. They also have flexibility on the planned investment strategy for the plots, that is whether they intend to sell or lease.

Investors will have full ownership right from the moment they purchase the plot. “The infrastructure of Tilal City is now complete, and landowners can start construction with immediate effect,” the developer said in a statement.

“Investors can divide up the building process depending on their financial status with the option of cashflow control, and additionally may sell the buildings as and when they decide, working solely to their own timeline.

“As they have total ownership and control over the development, there is little to no risk of delays due to external factors.”

It is managed by Tilal Properties, a joint venture between the government’s investment arm, Sharjah Asset Management, and Eskan Real Estate Development, Tilal City is made up of eight zones.