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Sell without third parties –Seller to Buyer, no middle men

Are you a seller and have a property to sell, have a buyer already and have negotiated the price and terms of sale.

Are you a buyer in the same condition. You need contracts and an escrow agent to conclude your sale smoothly, safely and with no hassle.

Save on fees and pay only 10,000 AED regardless of the size and value of the property for a full conveyancing service including contract preparation, handling all developer relationships and other related activity. (This fee excludes any government, trustee or transfer fees)

**It is important that all parties in the market maintain the highest ethical standard. Abusing the use of the above service by cutting of Registered brokers or other authorized market players is unethical and illegal. This service is meant to protect the rights of and facilitate easy sales for sellers and buyers. We support the real estate communities which ethical real estate brokers are a major player and contributor to the prosperity of.