Shurooq developing strategic real estate, hospitality projects in Sharjah

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) is developing an array of projects across its portfolio of latest large-scale real estate, tourism, commercial and hospitality sectors in strategic partnership with leading international companies that offer a range of investment opportunities.

In doing so, Shurooq said it is furthering Sharjah’s economic diversification policy aimed at enhancing the investment environment across the emirate and making the most of its unique infrastructure to develop new projects in sectors like renewal energy, healthcare, logistics and hospitality.

Amongst the list of projects scheduled for completion this year and some of the signature projects that will be completed within the next two years includes the House of Wisdom, Sharjah Sustainable City and Avenues Mall Sharjah, it added.
Shurooq recently shared the new developments being witnessed across its portfolio of latest large-scale real estate, tourism, commercial and hospitality projects, in line with the gradual reopening of businesses across the UAE.

It said that preventative measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus will be implemented effectively across all its sites to ensure the safety of Shurooq’s staff and workers.
The move reinforces the criticality of business continuity and sustainability in the construction and infrastructure sectors to ensure the strength and resilience of Sharjah’s economy, it added.

Speaking on the implications of the reopening of business activities following temporary closures in the wake of the pandemic, Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, Executive Chairman of Shurooq, said: “As businesses are gradually returning to normal, Shurooq is responding to the crisis and helping drive recovery to preserve the resilience and stability of the economy as well as ensure that the growth in all sectors is balanced.”

Al Sarkal said together with other government entities across the emirate, Shurooq contributes to the strong economic fundamentals of Sharjah’s economy with sustained infrastructural investment to create a favourable investment environment in Sharjah.

Its numerous projects facilitate Sharjah’s policy of economic diversification, in line with UAE’s growth strategy.
Al Sarkal said restart of construction activities to get on the fast-paced track to growth will ensure the sustainability of the development process and the consolidation of a knowledge-based economy that is capable of attracting assets and investments from around the world.

Al Sarkal noted that the wide range of fiscal and monetary incentives launched by the Sharjah government and the UAE to support businesses through the economic setbacks caused by the pandemic outbreak has helped stimulate strategic investment sectors and protected the UAE’s economic stability.

The impetus to ensure businesses continuity is reflected in the completion of projects on time, thereby safeguarding the interests of investors and clients alike, he added.

Al Sarkal pointed out that Sharjah’s economy continues to offer safe options for investors and that the launch of its new projects will further stimulate economic growth and boost inclusive social development.

Source -TradeArabia News Service