Shurooq reveals progress on House of Wisdom, Sharjah Sustainable City

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has shared updates on developments being witnessed across its portfolio of large-scale real estate, tourism, commercial, and hospitality projects, in line with the gradual reopening of businesses across the UAE.

The projects scheduled for completion this year, and some of the signature projects expected to be completed within the next two years, include the House of Wisdom and Sharjah Sustainable City.

Speaking on the implications of the reopening of business activities following temporary closures in the wake of the pandemic, the executive chairman of Shurooq, Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, said: “As businesses gradually return to normal, Shurooq is responding to the crisis and helping drive recovery to preserve the resilience and stability of the economy as well as ensure that the growth in all sectors is balanced.

“Resuming construction activities to get on the fast-paced track to growth will ensure the sustainability of the development process and the consolidation of a knowledge-based economy that is capable of attracting assets and investments from around the world.”

The House of Wisdom

Launched on April 23, 2019, the 12,000m2 House of Wisdom project brings to the fore a new concept of the ‘future library’ where its physical form and cultural role will see the merging of the activity of reading and acquiring knowledge in a socially-centred, collaborative, and creative space.

Characterised by design elements, including contemporary Arabic architecture, and interactive facilities, the project is scheduled to be opened in Q4 2020.

Developed by Shurooq and designed by British architectural design and engineering firm, Foster & Partners, the House of Wisdom comprises indoor and outdoor reading spaces and will feature a 105,000-book collection, once complete.

This cultural destination also features ‘The Scroll’, a monument designed by renowned UK-based artist Gerry Judah.

Sharjah Sustainable City

Shurooq’s commitment to meet Sharjah’s vision to promote ‘green’ investments in the emirate has led to the launch of Sharjah Sustainable City, in partnership with Diamond Developers.

Sharjah Sustainable City is the first fully integrated, Net Zero energy community in the emirate and adheres to the highest standards of environmental, social, and economical sustainability.

The $544.5m (AED2bn) project encompassing 668,902m2 comprises environment-friendly residential units, green houses with modern technology and vertical farms, driverless cars, a multi-service commercial centre, and a school.

Phase 1 of the project, including 280 villas, is expected to be delivered in September 2021. The city comprises a total of 1,120 multi-space villas in all phases, strategically located in Sharjah near the Al Rahmaniya area.


Source: Construction Week Online